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Shower me-intimate Shower...

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Shower me-intimate Shower 300 ml with different attacks,this shower is for a perfect cleaning of the areas the anal.This enema is equipped with two different attacks: one for the vaginal wash and the other for washing the anal, interchangeable an


Regular price €34.00 Price €20.40

Anal Shower is the shower intimate that will entertain you! For your hygiene and for great fun! With pump and insert a thin spray that is removable.


Regular price €32.30 Price €19.38

Anal dousche is the shower anal that will leave you with a feeling of pleasant clean. In addition, it will make you more comfortable and your anal play will be safer. It consists of a pump and two grafts, one to spray and one shower. Of co


Regular price €122.40 Price €73.44

Intimate shower for intense pleasures! With a cable that easily connects to any shower. For internal cleansing is anal that vaginal and at the same time for massages, which generate intense emotions.


Regular price €25.50 Price €15.30

Intimate shower to wash your points of pleasure! Composed by a pump with a capacity of 100 ml, and three grafts: one slightly bent, another in the shape of arrow and the latter with grooves in the shape of a screw! To give you a feeling of clean during


Regular price €34.00 Price €20.40

Sexy Shower for a special enjoyment of the bowel is in the vaginal area and in the anal area. Composed by a pump, and spherical (capacity 260 ml) and two cannulae: 1 for the shower and a spray.


Regular price €34.00 Price €20.40

For exciting games of the nurse and the patient, here it is, Intim Dusche! Complete Set of enema. Features of bag in which to place the liquid (two-litre) and two inserts of different sizes: one for a pleasure is then inserted, and the other to spray a


Regular price €17.00 Price €10.20

Anal douche is a shower anal that will give you an incredible feeling of cleanliness and will make your anal play more sure than that make yourself comfortable."


Regular price €61.20 Price €36.72

If you want to surprise your partner in the shower there is nothing better than the Shower shot shower intimate COLT! Made on a realistic form of a penis has an attack that can easily be attached to any shower. Fear not, this product will give yo


Regular price €34.00 Price €20.40

Refreshed, vibrates, and enjoy.The only vibrator, stimulator and massager built-in shower! Maskiet is a shower with power shower in ABS, harmless at first glance but it hides the qualities drug.Emitted the power of vibrant Maskiet by